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Welcome to Bonne Santé, British Columbia's premier caregiver staffing agency, where cutting-edge technology meets 15 years of industry expertise.


Whether you're a private household needing compassionate full-time care or a care provider seeking specialized talent to complement your services, we tailor our solutions to your unique needs with precision and empathy. Explore a world where finding the perfect caregiver is seamless, supported by our AI-driven candidate matching and comprehensive immigration assistance.


Discover the future of caregiver staffing—discover Bonne Santé.

Discover Next-Generation Caregiver Staffing in BC

with Bonne Santé

At Bonne Santé, we're not just another caregiver staffing agency in British Columbia; we're your partners in ensuring the best care for your loved ones or clients. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, including AI-driven screening and video interviews, we streamline the process of hiring caregivers, whether for private households or care providers seeking part-time assistance.

Tailored Matching for Unmatched Care


Understanding that every care requirement is unique, we initiate our partnership with a detailed questionnaire designed around your specific needs and preferences. Only candidates who align with your criteria make it to the next round, where they undergo a sophisticated AI-powered video interview, further ensuring a match that's not just good on paper but perfect for your real-world needs.


Beyond Borders:

Comprehensive Immigration Support


For those challenging times when local talent isn't enough, Bonne Santé steps in to bridge the gap. Our expertise extends to sourcing and securing foreign caregivers, and managing intricate paperwork, including LMIA and work permits, to ensure you get the support you need wherever it's found.


Who We Serve


With 15 years of dedicated service in the caregiver staffing industry, we understand the nuances of this field. Our services are crafted for:

Care providers looking for reliable part-time workers to join their team.

Private households in search of full-time caregivers who can offer personalized attention and care to their elderly loved ones.

Why Bonne Santé? 

Bonne Santé stands out with its commitment to innovation, quality, and compassion. Our adoption of AI technologies in screening and interviewing processes not only speeds up hiring but also ensures a deeper compatibility between caregivers and those they assist. With Bonne Santé, you're choosing a seamless, flexible, and affordable path to finding the right caregiver.

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