Are you in need of a caregiver? Rest easy. Let Bonne Santé take charge.

Your family's peace of mind is our priority. Trust us to handle the caregiver recruitment process for your family. Our thorough screening process and team of professional caregivers ensure that we'll find the perfect fit for your senior loved one, addressing their unique needs.


Our Caregiver Staffing Services in BC

Bonne Santé’s caregiver staffing services make finding the right caregiver for your loved one simple and reliable. We understand the importance of having trustworthy and skilled caregivers to support your family's unique needs. Our comprehensive services include:

  • Job posting to popular job sites
  • Candidate screening
  • Video interviewing
  • Immigration support (if applicable)

Bonne Santé prioritizes your peace of mind, providing thorough screenings, affordable care options, and a personalized approach. Experience the ease of swift hiring, flexible caregiver options, and compassionate companionship. Bonne Santé is dedicated to helping you find the perfect caregiver to enhance the well-being of your loved ones at home.

Our HR Recruitment Support TIERS


Basic Recruitment Solution

Bonne Santé streamlines your caregiver search for private households by posting job requirements on leading free websites, thoroughly screening candidates to meet your specific needs, and sending you resumes of the most qualified individuals. This service is designed to simplify the hiring process, ensuring you connect with suitable candidates efficiently.



Enhanced Recruitment with AI Insights 

Elevate your hiring process with all the benefits of Tier 1, plus the addition of AI video interviews. Gain deeper insights into candidate suitability through dynamic video assessments, making your decision-making process even more informed and nuanced.



Comprehensive International Hiring

For those looking to hire foreign national caregivers, Tier 3 offers a complete package. Including all services from Tiers 1 and 2, we also facilitate the legal and immigration paperwork process in collaboration with expert consultants, ensuring a seamless hiring and onboarding experience for international caregivers.


Flexible Solutions

Adaptable care options to meet the unique needs of home-based care. Rely on Bonne Santé for trusted, quality in-home care for your loved ones.

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