You need excellent caregivers to build a stronger caregiving team—and that’s precisely what we deliver at Bonne Santé. As a leading caregiver staffing agency in BC, we specialize in sourcing, screening, and providing top-tier caregiver applicants to meet the unique needs of home care agencies.  Our commitment goes beyond filling positions—we forge meaningful connections to ensure the highest quality of life for the seniors we all care for. Leveraging advanced AI technologies, we streamline the screening process, making it easier and faster for home care agencies to connect with the best caregivers.


Choose Bonne Santé as your trusted partner in caregiver recruitment, and let us bring exceptional talent to your team.

Our Mission:

Finding You the Best Caregivers to Hire in BC

Our mission is to help you hire caregivers who are the ideal fit for your home care agency. Through Bonne Santé's personalized, one-on-one candidate matching process, we source, screen, and connect you with applicants who are perfectly suited to meet the needs of your senior clients, fostering an environment of empathy, professionalism, and respect. 



Revolutionize your hiring process with our job posting service. We ensure that your caregiver job opportunities receive optimal visibility on prominent job sites, reaching a diverse and qualified pool of candidates. Benefit from our strategic approach to job posting, tailored to maximize exposure and attract the right caregivers for your unique needs. 

Upgrade your hiring process with Bonne Santé's candidate screening service. Our advanced screening tools help you swiftly identify qualified and reliable caregivers. Count on us to simplify the evaluation process, ensuring you bring the best candidates into your caregiving team effortlessly.

Bonne Santé revolutionizes the interview process with AI-powered video interview technology. Say goodbye to scheduling hassles and evaluate candidate interviews on your own time, providing a convenient and pressure-free experience for both you and the candidates. Save time and gain a deeper understanding of applicants with this innovative approach to hiring.

Bonne Santé assists in navigating immigration processes for foreign caregiver hires. Our expert team ensures a seamless experience, handling documentation, visa applications, and compliance requirements, allowing you to focus on building a dedicated and diverse care team. Benefit from our in-depth knowledge and support to successfully bring skilled caregivers to your doorstep.



Basic Recruitment Solution 

This tier focuses on advertising job openings on prominent job sites, thorough screenings to match specific requirements, and delivering top candidate resumes. Additionally, we provide a unique link to centralize the recruitment process and maintain a pool of qualified applicants for future needs.